Date with Destiny

January 6, 2013

A Date with Destiny

by Amorah Quan Yon


Have you ever looked back over your life and realized that everything you experienced was leading to something? That this process called life is not just a random series of events but follows an intelligent divine order? Being the founder of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, including Pleiadian Lightwork, has been such an unfolding for me.


As a child, I saw fairies and miniature spaceships made of blue light in the flowers and bushes. When I closed my eyes in a darkened room, I saw swirling mandalas of multiple bright colors, images, and scenes. Upon awaking or falling into sleep, past-life movies played before me. At age two I consciously remember asking my mother, “Why is Jesus so tall that his head goes up above the ceiling when he comes to see us?”


When she replied, “No one can see Jesus, honey. He died on the cross. And it is not nice to say things that are not true,” I gasped. It was the first time I had realized that other people did not see the things I could see. I felt sad for them; but I knew I was unmistakably right. These visions were as vivid and familiar as the sight of my own mother. I did not have names for all these experiences then, but they were an important part I knew I could share with no one. Throughout the years, occasional psychic phenomena, which I prefer to call Full Sensory Perception, haunted my otherwise “ordinary” days and nights. I simply learned to live with them. However, by the late seventies during my Saturn Return, the experiences had become more and more frequent, as well as emotionally unnerving. I considered myself an atheist by then, disillusioned with organized religion; but I knew past lives were real because of my lucid, recurring experiences.


In my very first past-life healing session with a regressionist in 1979, much to my chagrin, I found myself on a mountainside meadow with thousands of others as Jesus delivered a sermon. I had told Mr. Brown, the therapist, “I’m here to heal my past lives so I can get on with this one. But don’t you try and convince me of any religious crap because I’m an atheist. I just want these past-life memories to stop invading my life.”


In my “sermon on the mount” regression experience, as Jesus spoke, there suddenly appeared a gigantic spaceship made of stellar blue light just above the woods to his right. Then another spaceship appeared, and another until six of the huge crafts had come and gone. All around me people fell to the ground covering their heads and whimpering. But I stood, hands above my head in ecstasy, silently repeating, “Home, home,” and weeping tears of joy.


With a tug on my garment, my husband cried, “Samantha, get down!” I stood transfixed, unable to move, until I felt a magnetic pull at my third eye and found myself eye to eye with Christ. My third eye was lasered with a beam of the most intense light I had ever seen, followed by a cellular flood of light and energy. I burst into tears of spiritual awakening and joy. I had experienced a cellular awakening, my soul’s remembrance of itself, and enlightenment all at once.  It was years before I understood the connections between the Christ, the Pleiades, Sirius, enlightenment, and spaceships of light.


All of these puzzle pieces put together have led to the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School. It is a contemporization of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School system, which was taught to the Egyptians by the same Pleiadians, Sirians, and Ascended Master who have taught me or should I say, have helped me remember.


During these wondrous and accelerated times, we are being impulsed to live in a sacred way again in unity in diversity; to release all judgments, blame, self-pity, control, attachment, prejudice, greed, and all forms of malevolent behavior, regardless of how subtle it might be. To do so, will make this transitional time more gracious and loving. And self-respect and trust will flourish again. On this planet of co-creation, every thought, attitude, and deed becomes a source of either contributing to the problems or to the solution. Let us each choose to contribute to the grace and deepening of spiritual evolution on Earth and within All That Is. With, unity of purpose, we shall individually and collectively give birth to a new way of being and living, and the goal of planetary awakening will be achieved.


Whether your awakening is as dramatic as mine has been or not, it is your divine destiny to be the best that you can be. I have learned to be grateful for even the hardships along the way. For they have always led me to a more determined search for higher Truth, and universal law. May your destiny find you eagerly waiting at the door to the future in love and gratitude.






Happy New Year!

January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!


It is a wonderful time for new beginnings. With the great meditation and spiritiual work we did on Dec 21 the future of Peace and Unity in Diversity is assured. Inorder to make it assured we need to hold only positive thoughts about all that happens in the world. We need to see the best possible outcome of all situations, including “disasters”. And we need to look at everything with total Faith in a positive outcome.


Without Faith in the outcome all of our meditation and positive energy projections from Dec 21 or any other time are simply a waste. Faith is the key to anchoring the Age of Light in its purity and completeness. 


We are whole and of the Light. it is impossible for Truth to be otherwise. You are a God or Goddess embodied who is blessed with the role of co-Creation of our existence. And each of us is equally important in that role. The Destiny of the Earth and her people is our responsibility now. Success is our purpose above all else. We can do it-and will do it. Yes!!!


Happy New Year! This year is just a beginning of our divine destiny. It is necessary for certain seeming “upheavals” in Nature, Politics, and was of life to occur in order to bring in the divine future we have in store. So keep the Faith and the positive outlook at all times. And we will be there!


Love and Eternal Blessings!


Celbratin Christ-Mass

November 29, 2012


Hello Dear Ones!


It is now the season for Christmas (Christ-Mass) and I want to talk to you about the meaing of Christ-Mass that I work with and love. It is the season to celebrate your own awakening to Christ consciousness. The birth of Jesus is like a symbol for our own re-birth into our true selves.


Jesus Christ came to this Earth for the purpose of being a living example to each of us of what we can become. To be Divne example of to live impeccably and in complete morality and integrity. When He healed others, He was simply teaching us what is possible for us if we learn and grow and become fully enlightened and Christ Conscious.


We all have infinite possibilities about who we are and what we are becoming. One of the main things necessary to become Christ Conscious is to stop believing in all limitation. Yes, ALL! We must learn to love ourselves totally and to believe in our deservingness and self-worth. We must come to a level of knowing that we are just as sacred as anyone else in any dimension. We are our God/Goddess Self embodied for the purpose of learning and growing in a sequential manner. By doing this our learning is deeper than it could be by just being Higher-dimensional. 


The guides are reminding me and my students of that often, and telling me how grateful for all we are and the role we play in existence. They actually learn trough what we learn in life. Eveything we feel and do is a part of their revelation and expansion. So value your true self.


Celebrate your birth and re-birth as a Christed birthing and re-birthing. Celebrate the joy, love, and certainty of that with total faith. You are what you have always hoped to be. That is why you hope for it.


Also take time to see everyone in the same way: Christed Ones learning and growing and preparing for re-birth-whether they do it consciously at this time or not. Some day everyone will evolve to that Divine level of consciousness. And the world will live in Peace again and Unconditional Love for each other and for All That Is.


We are the One! Celebrate!!!


Merry Christ-Mass!




Entering the Age of Light Dec 21, 2012

November 13, 2012


Dolphin Star Temple 

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Hello beautiful Ones!


The time is almost here that we have come to Earth to claim and assist in happening. Dec. 21, 2012 is the turning point into the Age of Light. Yes we are here to assure the success of Earth’s Divine Plan and its unique function within the Universe. 


I have been sending newsletters occasionally about the Divne qualities we are being asked to embody at this sacred time. I will remind of these again below:


1) Learning to Love unconditionally every aspect of yourself. Yes, all of you from the best to the worst needs to be loved deeply in order to heal and lead you to becoming One again with All That You Are-Eternally. Whether it is a part of you from a painful past life or a part of you that experienced pain and trauma in this life, the time is NOW to learn to love it and heal it. If you were a Black Witch or Black Wizard in a past life, loving it now is the key to transformation. You learned and grew through those experiences. They have led you to a level of awakening that could not be as deep otherwise. Even if there is a negative thought inside you at this time, Love that part of you. Inother words learning to Love yourself 100% is necessary to become One again with All That You Are.


2) Think positive thoughts always about everything. If there is a war, or a natural disaster somewhere, give it your attention in a positive and Loving way. Look at the situation and see what good can come of it in the log run. What can people learn and how can they grow from this experience. There is always a way to learn and grow through everything. If you think negative or tragic thoughts about anything in the world you add to the trauma with your frequency. If you can send Loving positive thoughts to those people and places, you can assist in the healing process and the overall awakening.


3) Be grateful for everyone and everything you have ever experienced. There is a lin in one of my songs that says, “When we look back in Gratitude, the door is opened wide.” Wow what a concept! Even if you have been physically abused or emotionally battered, how can it lead to a new awakening and to becoming a better person. I was raped by my father for the first time when I was 6 weeks old. And he tried to kill me when I was 6 Months old and 1 year old. At the age of 1 he succeeded. I died and Pleiadian Guides of Light brought me back to my body and revived me. I no longer have any pain or negativity about it because I now realize that it has assisted be in being a stronger person in life and a much deeper healer than I could have been otherwise. Going through the healing was deeply painful at one time. But going through it and coming out the other side has show me that no experience can damage us if we are willing to heal it. It was a fleeting experience with great purpose.


So learn to Love and feel gratitude for every experience that ever happened to you. And learn to be grateful to those who have in the past seemed like your enemy. But they were truly you greatest teacher.


4) Remember that Male and Female are equal-just like Holy Mother and Holy Father of All That Is are equals. No more negative projections or expectations of opposite sex-whether partners, friends, or strangers. We are all One, both Male and Female. We have different qualities from each other. And the sum of all of those qualities makes up the Oneness we all are.


5) And it is time to realize that Oneness and have Faith and Love for it NOW!  We are the Divine Sources of Light and Divine Love that are here to bring in the Age of Light. When we truly have done the first four steps we are ready to actualize this one. We are ready to Love All That Is, in and beyond all time and space and dimensional realities. We are ready to be the positive beacons of Light for the New Age of Light that we have so long awaited. It is time NOW! Love! Love! Love!


The Light activations coming into the Earth between now and December 21, 2012 can assist you if you are ready. Know that you are. Ask your Higher Self of Light and Love to assist you in becoming the ever-expanding Light and Love that you are. On Dec 21 a great wave on Divine Light will enter the Causal Plane for the purpose of bringing about Love and Light to every living soul and particle on Earth. It will ineveitably come into the Plane of Effect, which is the physical plane. All you need to do on Dec 21, 2012 is to think poitive, Love every part of yourself, Love every part of others, Love and be grateful for everything and everyone that has been in your life, and embody Male/Female balance and equality. And align with and celebrate your Oneness with All That Is. This will enable these beautiful energies to be manifested on the Causal Plane and create it eventually on the Earth. 


This great changeover will not suddenly come about on Earth at that tim, and yet it will be set in motion in an absolute way. So celebrate and Love! The more the better. 


You are One with all that you are eternally. you are One with everyone and with All That is eternally. What more could you ask for?!?!?!?!?!?


Love and Blessings,

Amorah Quan Yin


If Your Attitude Is Gratitude

November 8, 2012


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Newsletter Nov. 2012

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If your attitude is Gratitude…


Happy Thanksgiving fellow Lightworkers,


This month we are moving toward my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. Regardless of the “American Traditions” about how Thanksgiving was started, it is so wonderful to have a day set aside to celebrate gratitude. A time to reflect on all of the blessings we have in life that sustain us as physical beings as well as the spiritual blessings that support us as Spiritual Beings of Light. And the emotional and mental blessings that feed us emotionally and intellectually.


Do you have a roof over your head and warmth during the cold weather? Wow, what a blessing to be grateful for. Do you have clothes to wear and protect you from the elements?  Of course we are grateful for this. Are you enjoying enough food to nourish your body both physically and emotionally. Then give thanks.


We are Beings of Light who have made a conscious choice to awaken spiritually at this incredible time on Earth. And the moment that decision kicks in the guides, Ascended Masters, Higher Self, and physical teachers start to appear. Books, movies, songs move us to understand and grow more. There is often challenge and maybe pain. But that is what helps us to evolve and move into enlightenment and Ascension consciousness. The more we are willing, the more we draw into our lives to move us forward. And the more we move forward the more we can look back and find gratitude for the past and all it has taught us and who we have become and are becoming. What great blessings we can give heartfelt tanks for receiving, having received, and will be receiving!


Emotionally we are nurtured by our willingness to give and receive Love. Even if we are still learning how to Love and be Loved, it can nurture us just knowing that that commitment is real. And to know that Love is eminent and eternal is really a great gift and motivator in life. Compassion is also a great energy for which we are grateful. To have compassion is to deeply care about self and others. It also has to do with really trusting that each person is capable of handling whatever is presented in life and sending blessings for them (or us) to do so graciously.


Mentally there is a deep seated need for understanding and the knowledge to assist us in learning and growing. Earth is a school for us and everything that happens to us is a learning opportunity. Everyone we meet is our teacher and student in the sense that we learn and grow from their victories and their mistakes. AND they get to do the same. Our biggest “enemy” is our greatest teacher if we choose to allow ourselves to see them that way and be grateful for what we receive through them. What we can see in ourselves in reaction to them is teaching us what still needs to be healed.


So let us move into Thanksgiving this year eagerly. And let us celebrate and be grateful that we are capable of feeling gratitude. If your attitude is gratitude life is always a great blessing to yourself and others. If your attitude is gratitude you are healed deeply and joyfully. If your attitude is gratitude you are already becoming what you truly want to be: your true self. What a concept!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Love and Blessings,


Divine Source

March 29, 2012


Dolphin Star Temple 

Newsletter March 2012

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Hello Readers and Friends,


I felt guided to do a newsletter about Divine Source. Many people speak of this. But how many really know what it is? In the beginning of each of our individual existences each of us were born into Creation in our own unique way.


At this point of Creation we have specifice Higher Dimensional Beings of Light who sing us into consciousness with their full focus and intention. It often is just two Beings but sometimes several. As they hold the energies that will make up the essence of who and what we are, they sing with intention of bringing those divine qualities into the new Being-YOU!


There is during this process alway infinite Love and Light plus whatever qualities each of us is meant to become. Every divine quality you can think of is a possibility. And during our original Creation experience when we first come into consciousness, we feel these beautiful qualities that we are wil be becoming more and more. And yet there is something else we feel. The Divine Source of our own existence and of All That Is.


It feels like awaking for the first time to ourselves and feeling as if we are in a wonderful space in which we are loved, nurtured, held in Peace and Joy and deep safety. In Oneness with everything around us, except also individual and unique. This atmospere we feel ourselves in is Divine Source.


This Divine Source is the cumulative energy of all of the Beings of Light in existence and what that creates energetically. It will always be loving, always filled with Light and hold the possibility of every other Divine quality that exists. It also holds the quality of Oneness with special love for the individuated Beings of Light such as yourself.

This Divine Source is the place from which comes all of our potentials that are in affinity with All That Is and with our own essence. There is nothing greater-or simpler in a very powerful way.


Divine Source holds for you and everyone else the Divine Plan of returning to Oneness with God/Goddess/All That Is. It is like the reminder that that is what you came from, what you will return to, and what you are. We exist at all times in that beautiful Divine Source. But often we lose sight of it as we begin to believe in our ego selves more than our spirits-sho we really are. So returning to your true self also begins to help you feel and actualize that Divine Source eternal connection again. It is what really is in existence which holds what you really are. 


Happy return journey to your true self. And call often on Divine Source to assist you in this divinely destined return to YOU and to Oneness. Surrender into that vast Love amd Light of which are a part. So be it!!!




Bringing Positive Energy to Problem Areas

March 26, 2011

Dearest Readers and Friends,

During these unique times on Earth many changes are occurring: the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, earthquake in Myanmar, attack on Libya, wars and civil unrest in the middle East. Part of these issues are simply the Earth reclaiming her body. We have polluted the Earth in so many ways for so long, that it is time now to reverse these damages. Freedom and safety are big agendas at hand for those in the middle East. And we all want freedom and safety for everyone.

It is very important that we do not contribute to the problems with worry, tension, fear, or pity. These negative energies do add to the world issues in a dramatic way.

Worry is an energy that many associate with Love. But this is untrue. Worry is like saying to someone, “ Oh you poor thing. I know you are incapable of handling this problem/karma. You are not smart enough or capable enought to do it.” It devalues the person/s involved in the situation. Sending them love, faith and confidence in their ability to get through the problem adds a beautiful and positive energy to the situation.

Tension and anxiety are also very negative energies. When you hold tension or anxiety in your body you will block your spirit from being fully embodied. Spirit lives in openness and radiance and cannot enter places where tension and anxiety are held. Work on breathing deeply into your whole body and exhaling out through the pores of your skin. This will help you establish more room for your spirit and the spirits of those you are thinking about to be fully embodied.

Fear is also an inappropriate emotion to hold at this time. Fears contract your body and close it also to spirit. Holding trust and faith in the future is needed. In order to accomplish this work on the breathing like we mentioned above. Clear any beliefs connected with the fears. And don’t be afraid to feel the fear and breathe through. It is an ego issue-not a reality.

Pity is another emotional energy in yourself to heal and not let yourself believe in. When you feel pity for others (or yourself) you tend to breathe in an imploding manner and take on the energy of those you feel sorry for. This adds to the dilemna by adding you as another victim to the problem. However, compassion with detachment is the positive energy to learn to replace pity with. When you feel compassion with detachment it is a very loving and caring emotion. You will radiate it instead of imploding as with pity. The Buddhist have a lot of teachings about compassion with detachment which can contribute to the healing of the problem instead of adding to it.

So if you are feeling worry, tension, fear or pity treat these energies like an issue to be cleared. And learn to replace them with Love, Faith, Confidence, Trust, deep breathing, and compassion with detachment  adding to the healing and well-being as you do.

Also feel free to contribute money, prayer, positive visualization, and blessings to those affected by these tragedies. And ask the Mother Earth, Gaia, to heal herself as gently as possible. And bless Mother Earth’s need for healing herself.

We are One! What effects anyone effects everyone. We are One!

Love and Blessings,



Moving Toward Ascension

March 23, 2011

Ascension is a grand part of the Earth’s Divne Plan. Ascension can happen in one of two ways. It occurs when a person dies but remains totally conscious during the death process. If he/she has attained to a Christ level of conscious-

ness while living he/she will move through the ascension portals after death. Then he/she will have a choice of whether or not to come back to a body again.

The second way ascension can happen is commonly thought of as what ascension is. The person has become fully Christ conscious while still alive. When the time comes for ascension his/her body simply dissolves into thin air and the spirit ascends through ascension portals.

I have had vivid past life memories of ascension. In one life I walked into the ocean and experienced the second type of ascension. When my body disappeared I immediately found myself in an etheric dolphin body. Next I changed into an etheric lotus. Then I just remember a lot of Light and celebration energy.

I also ascended in a Mayan lifetime in which I was in two bodies: one male and one female. A giant pyramid had been constructed in the middle of the jungle of both both stone and gold. When it was constructed the founder of the design was specifically guided on the technical aspects of the construc- tion. It was hollow inside except for a spiralling ramp that ran from botton to top with an opening in the top of the pyramid where the ramp ended.

There was a special day of opening the pyramid to the Mayan people. We were told that only those who were ready to ascend would go in and walk up the ramp. Then Quetzlquatl

( the winged serpent of ancient traditions) appeared above the pyramid just outside of the location where the ramp ended. My husband and I went into a totally blissful

state of consciousness and walked into the pyramid scaling the ramp to the top. At the top we stepped off the ramp into the air. Our bodies disappeared and etherically we were taken inside the body of Quetzlquatl. The next thing I experienced was being in a large group of etheric beings in humanoid-type bodies. We were being guided and prepared to be born again at the time of Jesus Christ’s Birth. This was to be a major event on Earth in which would all participate.

The first lifetime in which I ascended was during Lemur- ia. I don’t remember the beginning part of the ascension, but I do remember a later part of it. I found myself standing in front of the thrones of the Holy Mother and Holy Father of all That Is. They welcomed me very lovingly and then asked me if I would like to stay with them or go back to Earth-either three more times or six more times. There were also options given such as working with the Goddesses of Sirius. Or I could take a role in a different galaxy. I closed my eyes and experienced each choice briefly. When I felt and saw the energy of six more  series of lifetimes I came to deep peace and acceptance. I saw that I could live six more series of lifetimes, each ending in ascension. I saw the value of doing that for setting the path for other humans to follow. I also saw that in certain lifetimes I could bring through teachings as a spiritual leader. So I chose the path of six more series of lifetimes.

Wow! What a journey! At the end of five more series of lifetimes I ascended. This life is supposedly my last one. I have taken on karmic issues and pain to show others how to heal it.

Of course I created some of my own along the way each time and had to transform that as well. Each time ended in my becoming Christ conscious.

How do you become Christ conscious? You start by becoming a seeker of Truth, finally being so committed to finding Truth that you will settle for nothing less. You learn that your thoughts and emotions are not all based on Truth. So you begin to monitor your thoughts and emotions choosing which ones to believe in and which ones to cancel out of reality. You learn cancel judgments and blame of yourself and others. You forgive everyone and everything-including yourself. In other words, you gradually learn to be a better person.

A great turning point is when you make a permanent commitment to living in impeccability. This means that you will always choose to do what you know is right. Regardless of fear, pain, attachment or anything else-you do what is right. This comes from doing a lot of clearing and coming to a point in your life of deeply knowing what is right inside your-self. No contraction and holding back. No negative energies at all. You simply know in a deep and quiet place inside what is right-and you choose to do it.

Daily meditation is also an important part of coming to Christ consciousness and Ascension. Many years ago I was meditating and called my Higher Self in to blend with me. When I did my Higher Self asked me, “Why do you call on me

so rarely?” I told her, “I thought I was only supposed to call on you when I was desperate.”

My Higher Self became very gentle and loving and re- plied, “Amorah, you and I are the same Being. We are One. If you truly want to become enlightened and Christ Conscious you need to meditate with me every day. The more you connect with me, the more I steadily become more One with you.” From that time in the early 90’s I meditate with Higher Self every day. And I have steadily become more One with that energy and less entangled in ego. So try it. I teach the two Higher Self processes that I do in “The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka”, a book I wrote.

The final point I wish to make is about when you will ascend. Once you become Christ conscious you will realize that the purpose of this step is not ascending to get off the Earth. It is when you know deep inside it is the right next step. Can you imagine Jesus or Buddha in the higher dimensions saying, “Thank God I don’t have to go back to Earth any more.” I don’t think so. When you becom Christ conscious you will have transcended the illusion of limitation and lack. You can live on the Earth in your bliss or you can leave. If you feel there is still good you can accomplish on Earth you may choose to stay and ascend later. So ascension becomes a choice-not an ultimate goal. And when the time is absolutely right and you know it is, you will ascend!

In these sacred times of great change, it is time to fully commit yourself to becoming Christ Conscious. It is time to clear all that is in your way. It is time for impeccability. It is time for deep Higher Self connection and meditation. You are the One to choose Commitment to these sacred treasures NOW!


Upcoming Classes

February 5, 2011

Hi Friends!

I am sending the list of the next few upcoming classes with me through July 2011. Enjoy!




Upcoming New Classes:
FSP 1- April 16 – 29, 2011. This class is the preliminary training for all trainings.
Learn to read and heal others while receiving deep healing of your own issues.  This is an opportune time and
method working with Amorah to receive beautiful awakening for these new times, as well as a time for
receiving new skills for being a practitioner, if you wish. Training is in Mt. Shasta.
Cost recommended is sliding scale $1300 – 2600.

Exciting new FSP 4!!!-May 15-21. You must have already done FSP 1 & 2 in

order to attend this training of new techniques for FSP students. You will study “Inner Child Work”,
“Full Body Nervous System Healing”, “Holographic Core Issue Healing”, “Male/Female Full Body Healing”,
“ Self-Esteem Work”, “ Black Magic Clearing”, and “Healing Sexual Energy Channels”. Come and have a
great time with this new work. Recommended sliding scale $555 – 1111.

PLI 3- June 5 – 19, 2011. Must have done all of the FSP’s and PLI 1 & 2.

This is the final level of the PLI’s. Recommended sliding scale $1300 – 2600.

Regression Facilitation Training- July 18 – 27, 2011. Must have done FSP 1 previously.

Come and enjoy this special delve into your subconscious in this training for those ready to go deeper.
Connect with your guides and Higher Self, heal the inner child, past lives, sub-personalities, rebirth
yourself, remember your connection to Divine Source, and heal your first ever karmic issue.
Recommended sliding scale $1100 – 2200.

Call or email us and register now!

New Day Dawning

November 29, 2010

Hello Everyone!

I am going to be 60 tomorrow. Wow! It is the first time I have had a reaction to an age-but a positive one. What I was “hit” by was a huge realization about age and how much it has changed for our generation. When I was young I saw people at age 60 as being very old.  And they did seem older than we do. They had started having physical body problems, were quite “set in their ways” and often very serious. Has this ever changed.

I feel that the spiritual folks of our times are looking younger than those living a traditional life. No judgment, just observation. I have found for my self at times that I actually seem to be “youthing”. I see this in some of my friends also. It appears that all of my years of meditation, teaching, channeling, bringing through techniques, and living healthily has helped to bring about these changes.

What a great source of Faith this has brought me! I truly see even physical benefits from my spiritual life. Isn’t that grand?

In addition I wanted to let you know we will be having a big Christ-Mass sale on line and at my store in Mt. Shasta: Dolphin Star Gifts, Crystals and Gallery. There will be 20% off on great gifts such as Namibian Crystal jewelry, t-shirts, CD’s (both channeling and meditation as well as my original musics). Speaking of which I now have 6 original music CD’s. I just finished my most recent on, Reflections. I think it is a great new CD. Check it out.

Also, I hope you are using this sacred time of Christ Mass to really honor Christ consciousness in yourself and others. We are all born as children of God just as Jesus was. It is a special time for really acknowledging the beautiful Being of Light that you are. And it is a good time to really let yourself see that in others-whether they are consciously on a spiritual path or not. When you look at others in that way, and see their potential to become Christ conscious, you are giving to them and to the planet. You see, these are anchored in their space as “reference points” in their future. When they experience a willingness to know Truth and Light these reference points can lead to a big “ah ha”. And you will have helped! So this year learn to see yourself and everyone else as “Christ in the making”.

Have a beautiful Christ-Mass!

Love and Blessings,