Ascension Frequencies Higher and higher

What an incredible time we live in! The ascension frequencies pouring into the Earth are getting higher every day. There was a large input of higher frequencies infused into Earth on March Equinox and we are still integrating that and using it for deep transmutation of past low frequency. There is a group of beings who call themselves the Ascension Masters who are working with us now. And anyone can call on them at any time and ask them to infuse you with the new Ascension Energy. Then just sit back and breathe it into every cell through you Crown.

I just returned from Japan. It was a lovely trip with lots of new Light Beings and information. While I was at Mt. Fuji (staying at Yamanakako, a beautiful lake area)  I did a weekend workshop simply called “Ascension”. During that weekend I led the group through a new level of anchoring of Ascension Frequency. Then we did an activation on Mt. Fuji to bring these new energies into the Mountain. Mt. Fuji is the 3rd chakra for Earth. After anchoring Mt. Fuji from above we were taken down inside the mountain to an inn er ascended masters retreat. From there we anchored Mt. Fuji  in its new ascension frequencies to the Earth Star Crystal at the center of the Earth and then out through all of the ley lines around the world. It was an awesome experience for all of us. After that was finished and we continued the workshop, in less than an hour I suddenly felt a great wave of energy move through me. I stopped what I was doing and told the group what i was feeling. We all tuned in and felt this new activation of Mt. Fuji moving in giant waves through us and the Earth. We were told by the Masters that this was the result of the activation of Fuji we had done . Throughout the day these huge waves of energy from Mt. Fuji got higher and stronger. We were all deeply humbled that we could actually help bring this about.

The Masters and guides often remind me that we are needed in order for them to give the maximum possible to the Earth and Her people. Unless they have a minimum number of people able and willing to fully anchor an activation or healing  it cannot be given. For March Equinox we had this minimum number of humans ready and willing to anchor the new dispensations of Grace that were given. These dispensations of Grace were; Faith, grounding of the Goddess more deeply, and the new ascension frequencies. We can continue to call in these energies and deepen. Women can continue calling on your Goddess self to anchor in your body. And allow…

I am expecting some huge changes on Earth this year and what some will consider shocking revelations: about government and politics especially. Let us remember as the changes come that it is all in divine order. Do not give any power to negativity. Always see the highest good in everything that happens and you will assist in the building of the New World. Give into negativity and you contribute to building the energy or war and chaos. We can all continually create the divine New World that we want by choosing what we believe in and how we respond to life and people each moment. We are the Creators! So let the sincerity of your heartfelt responsibility manifest the impeccability of spirit that you are. Namaste!

Love and Blessings,



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